Arlette TANGA, President

The need for a collaborative platform of skills and expertise in African air and space law

The African Air and Space Law Association (or “AADAS” in French) is a non-profit association that connects aviation and space professionals, aerospace enthusiasts and students interested in air and space law in Africa.

AADAS’ aim is to promote air and space law in Africa by raising awareness about the subject, supporting young African aerospace enthusiasts and professionals and promoting the legal education of the subject.

In achieving this, AADAS was founded on February 04, 2019 in order to establish a collaborative legal platform aimed at bringing together all the actors in the air and space industry in Africa through the pooling of skills, knowledge and talent within Africa and beyond the shores of Africa.

“To Space and Beyond With the Law!”



Promote the study of air and space law in Africa

  • Raise awareness on the niche area of air and space law in Africa,
  • Facilitate access to legal texts, studies and court decisions relating to air and space activities in Africa,
  • Provide regular insight into legal news on air and space transport in Africa.


Promote the development of air and space law in Africa

● The creation of a networking platform for legal practitioners and non-legal practitioners to engage in the discussion and development of air and space law in Africa,
● The creation of a forum for the exchange of pertinent information across the air and space industry,
● The promotion of air and space law in Africa
● In-depth expert analysis on legal issues in air and space law in Africa,
● Bridging the gap between the research and the business community, while fostering partnerships with national, regional and international aerospace institutions.


Promote the efficient practice of air and space law in Africa

● Analyzing the different practices observed in Africa regarding the application of air & space law,
● Flagging negative practices in the aerospace industry and raising awareness on the consequences of such practices,
● Highlighting and promoting positive practices across Africa and the international community.


« Innocent Passage » in Air Law

Libreville-Yaoundé, Abidjan-Paris, Addis Ababa-Cape Town, Nairobi-New York… There are so many examples to illustrate the diversity of international flights from or to an African country. It is a race against the clock, the goal being to get from one point to another, from one end of the planet to the other, in a relatively short…

International Women’s Day 2021!

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, AADAS wishes to honour some of the women who have broken barriers in the African aviation industry and have paved the way for the girl child to fly higher. Author Jacqueline Inimgba

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